SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) – Certified Integrator & Consultant

With dozens of eCommerce applications to choose from, it can be an extremely frustrating and costly experience to find the one that is right for you and your business.Through my career in the “internet” field, I have had the pleasure (and often displeasure) of working with several eCommerce applications and shopping carts. SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) was the only reasonably priced solution out there that met our requirements:

  • – Multiple storefronts from a single backend & database
  • – Ability to launch “microstores”
  • – Capable of integrating into larger ERP & Accounting packages
  • – Ability to have custom developments by SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) to my needs
  • …..and many more

I manage a network of over a dozen eCommerce websites on SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce), and have been involved in over a dozen other SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) clients projects as an integrator, consultant, optimizer and more.

Check them out, they offer a free 14 day trial with no credit card required.

If the site doesn’t give you all the info you need, give them a call at 1-800-936-9006

If you are interested in using my services, now or in the future, make sure to let them know that I sent you in their direction. It can save you money on custom developments, design and other services from both SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) and myself.

Ed Sturrock, President & Co-Founder of SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) was kind enough to say these words about me:
“Brian Gluck has been a valued and successful partner and integrator for years and brings a very diverse skill set to the table that includes a deep understanding of internet commerce, business processes, marketing for the web and familiarity with SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) and other vendor platforms. This ability to see the big picture is the key to success and Brian puts this expertise to good use for his clients and with us. He is an influencer of change, an idea man, a streamliner of difficult things and overall just a great guy. With all of that in mind, I do not hesitate recommending him to be the next addition to your team, a decision sure to make your pockets full and put your website on the right track. 5 Stars. ” – Ed Sturrock
In March 2009 I was interviewed by Practical eCommerce magazine about SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) for their Cart of the Week section. It is truley amazing how much has changed since then with SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce), all for the better.You can read my testimonial of Americommerce on their website’s testimonial page:
“After struggling with several large name, “enterprise class” ecommerce solutions we finally were able to have our objectives met with SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce). While these other solutions promised us the world and under-delivered on almost everything, SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) was able to come to our rescue and help us get our 6+ websites back up and functioning better than before, in a very short time frame. While we knew SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) was the correct solution for many of our websites, there was some hesitation in moving our most successful site off of the Volusion platform. Once we saw the huge improvement our other sites were having on SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce), and the ease of maintaining multiple storefronts from a centralized database, we moved our ‘flagship’ site over as well. Ever since we have made the transition our business has seen steady growth, even despite the current economic conditions.
The multiple store management, and scalability of the application to allow us to integrate to other systems via API, has truly set SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) apart from their competitors. Their willingness to modify their core product and the release of constant updates/upgrades is another huge advantage they have over the competition. Since those days, we have rolled out an additional 12+ websites, all with relative ease, and all with great success and with plans to continually roll out storefronts each month.The team at SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) has been nothing short of amazing; we have never had an eCommerce platform company be so responsive, helpful and best of all, affordable. In the past 2+ years we have been on SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce), our total bill for all hosting, licensing, bandwidth, custom development, etc has been less than either of the quotes we received from the ‘enterprise class’ solutions I mentioned before, both of which catastrophically failed, and Volusion (the most comparable solution) doesn’t even compare to the scalability that SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) allows. We have been so successful in our relationship with SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce), I have found myself engaged in consulting activities with dozens of other SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) customers, helping them to realize the full potential of the product and achieve the same levels of success that my companies have found. As an SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) Certified Consultant & Integrator, it is essential that I can rely on SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) to not only support the existing product, but to continually introduce new functionalities as well. I give the SparkPay (Formerly AmeriCommerce) application and supporting team a lot of credit; they have produced a feature rich, scalable and cost effective ecommerce solution that is highly usable from the novice through developer, I look forward to continued growth with them.”

– By Brian Gluck

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